Friday, August 15, 2008

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What better game to sit down and play on a sick day than the official game of the, well, Games. Olympic Games that is. When it comes to this years Olympics, your first reaction (if you’re not actually in Beijing) is to switch on the TV to watch. But let’s face it, if there’s no synchronized swimming, beach volleyball or weightlifting taking place, what’s the point? Far too boring. Which is why I was excited to unwrap this game, which promised to let me 'Live the Olympic dream'.

This isn’t the first game to be based on this year's Olympics – last year Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games hit the shelves. However this is the first game which sets out to simulate the 2008 Olympic Games in a realistic fashion. And while graphically it’s quite a treat, gameplay-wise it leaves a bit to be desired.

You can compete in a wide variety of sports (38), from the 100m freestyle to the 800m track. Each comes with a nicely rendered in-game intro: It’s almost as if you’re watching the actual games on TV! However once you actually start competing it all turns into a massive button mashing exercise. Now I’m not sure if it was just me, but this turned out to be quite difficult. Button mashing is usually easy. This game makes it quite hard. You button mash to gain speed when you run, you twiggle sticks to lift weights, and you bash more buttons to do the butterfly.

I suppose it’s difficult to come up with practical ways to simulate basic human behaviour (like running) on a controller – most games take running for granted, whereas this one has to make the running (and swimming, and jumping…) a honed skill. It’s quite unusual and daunting. There is fun to be had tackling each rather varied event (online play is included), but the way to go seems to be the 'Olympic Games' mode, where you guide your team through the whole Olympics (minus some vital sports like synchronized swimming).

It's a bit weird is that you build power and speed as you go – so you’re essentially starting with a lame-ass team that needs work from day 1. It gives you something to achieve I suppose, but you’d hope that if you’re at the Games in the first place you’d already be at the top of your game. Maybe my sporting knowledge is just lacking here, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. All in all, an unusual and difficult sporting game – but perfect if you want to feel a little closer to the action. Just be prepared for sore fingers, and – if you don’t take breaks – a good case of RSI.

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